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    How to Create a Harvest Cheese Board

    With (Canadian) Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I wanted to share some of my ideas for creating a harvest-themed cheese board. First, let’s break it down. Cheese boards can be made up of a variety of components, but every great cheese board contains the following five things: Great cheese(s)! Fresh bread and/or crackers Honey and/or other spread/preserve Fresh and/or dried fruit Other accompaniments (options include cured meats, olives, nuts/seeds, chocolate, etc.) Okay, but where to begin? It can seem a little overwhelming, but in my mind, there are two good places to start. Either begin with a theme you wish to use as inspiration for your board, or start with the cheese…

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    Chocolate, Brie, & Basil Panini Bites

    Alright, so I’m gonna warn you right now. After you eat this sandwich, you will dream of having it again every single day. It has the ideal combination of sweet from the chocolate, salty from the brie, and savoury from the basil and focaccia, and offers a perfectly balanced texture between melty cheese and crunchy bread. I am just slightly obsessed with this sandwich. Now I’m not ever one to plagiarize, so I must tell you that this recipe actually belongs to Giada de Laurentiis, a celebrity chef who has inspired my culinary life since I was just a tween. I would spend hours and hours watching Food Network Canada…

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    Creamy Goat Cheese, Spinach, & Thyme Scrambled Eggs

    Happy Monday! I’m hoping this delicious post will cheer up your Monday blues, whether you are on your commute now or browsing social media at work. And perhaps inspire you to cook yourself up something different for breakfast tomorrow! Trust me, even on a weekday morning you’ll have enough thyme to make these. These scrambled eggs are so simple, yet so tasty. Goat cheese is such a great way of livening up boring old scrambled eggs and turning them into something special. To me, goat cheese and eggs are a match made in heaven. Throw some fresh herbs in there and you have the perfect breakfast to start your day…

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    Champfleury Toast

    Ah, Champfleury. I mean, this is just melted cheese on toast – how can you go wrong? This post is more so an homage to Champfleury than it is a “recipe”, because it’s such a simple way of eating it. I simply sliced some of the cheese, smeared it onto some baguette, and placed it under the broiler until the cheese melted. Then I drizzled it with some delicious local honey, and voilĂ . But Champfleury deserves more attention than a mere blurb about how to eat it (and by the way, you can totally just eat this cheese straight from the package without any melting or honey and it’s still…

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    Stay tuned!

    This is where I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes using cheese. Or in some cases, recipes to make cheese itself!